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Giselle Learning Academy complies with all licensing regulations and standards of the state of Georgia. Giselle Learning Academy is subject to inspections conducted by Bright From the Start. The dates and times of such inspections are unknown to Giselle Learning Academy to ensure the best quality care for each child.

Invest in the human soul. Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough.

 Mary McLeod Bethune.



Giselle Learning Academy will provide the following service:

  • Infants, Toddlers, Preschool,Private PreK Inclusion Setting from 6:30: AM to 7: 00 PM

  1. Safe and peace of mind before and  after school service for children age 3 to 15 with special needs.
  2. Small Ratio After School for Typical peers 3 to 15 years old with tutorial.
  3. Consulting and training service to parents or caregivers of special need children.
  4. Summer Camp with an emphasis on providing a positive sports experience for kids with disabilities and their siblings.
  5. Writing, Math and Reading Summer Camp For all
  6. Sensory Room/ Social Skills Camp/ OT and Speech Therapy
  7. Computer Lab
  8. Tae Kwon Do Lessons
  9. Daily Healthy Snack and Supper
  10. Partner with local businesses and community.

Note: Giselle Learning Academy does not discriminate on race, religion or disabilities.


Hours of operation

Giselle Learning Academy is scheduled to operate the entire calendar year. We are open from Monday through Friday from 6:30 Am to 7:00 Pm with the following holiday exceptions:

New Years Eve

New Years Day

Martin Luther King Day

Memorial Day

July 4th

Labor Day

Columbus Day

Thanksgiving Day

The Day after Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

The Day after Christmas

Giselle Learning Academy is closed during inclement weather. Giselle Learning Academy will also be closed when Dekalb County School Closes.

Note: If the holiday falls on a Saturday Giselle Learning Academy will be closed the Friday before. If the holiday falls on a Sunday Giselle Learning Academy will be closed the Monday after.



All children will be escorted in and out of our center. You must sign in and out daily when picking up and dropping off your child. Please bring your child to the center clean and dressed appropriate for the weather. No pajamas are allowed unless authorized by the provider. No child should be dropped off with soiled diapers; you must change your child before he or she is left in our care.

Please do not send your child with food, candy, or gum. Please make your good-byes brief; the longer you prolong your departure the harder it gets for you and your child. Please be in control of your child during drop-off and pick-up times.

No one other than you the parent(s) or persons designated by you the parent will be allowed to pick-up your child without advanced written permission indicating the person’s name and relationship to your child. If there is a court order preventing a parent access to your child(ren), we must have a copy of the court order from the custodial parent or guardian in our files to that effect(hand written notes will not be accepted). Otherwise, we cannot prevent the non-custodial parent from picking up the child(ren).

Note: No one under the age of eighteen(18) years old will be allowed to pick-up a child, unless they are the child's parent(s). Each person must present a valid I.D. when coming to pick-up the child(ren). This is for the safety of the child.



beyond the above stated promotion, a non-refundable deposit is due at the time of enrollment. The deposit will consist of the enrollment fee of $35.00 per year, the first week tuition, and a supply fee of $20.00 per year. Your child(ren) slot will not be secured until all deposits and enrollment forms are received. Cancellations must be made within twenty-four(24) hours. If cancellations are made in a timely manner you will receive a refund for the tuition and the supply fee if supplies have not been purchased.

Note: Giselle Learning Academy does not accept personal checks. All fees are due at the time of enrollment for new enrollments. For re-enrollments, fees are due August 1st of each year. Supply fees are only refunded when supplies have not been purchased if cancellation is made.



Option 1- weekly

Payments are due on Monday of each week. If payments are received on Tuesday, a $20.00 late fee will be charged and $5.00 per day thereafter which will have to be paid before your child(ren) can return . If a payment is not made by Friday your child's slot will be reopened for another child.

Option 2 - Bi-weekly

Payments are due on the first Monday of the two(2) weeks period. If payments are received on Tuesday, a late fee of $30.00 will be charged, and $10.00 per day thereafter, which will have to be paid before your child can return. If a payment is not made by Friday your child's slot will be reopened for another child.

Option 3 - Monthly

Payments are due on the first(1st) of each month. If payments are not received on the second(2nd) day of the month, a late fee of $40.00 will be added and $10.00 per day thereafter. If a payment is not made within the first(1st) week of the month your services will be suspended until all monies are paid in full. Your child cannot return until such debits are paid. If payment is not received by the second(2nd) week your services will be terminated and your child(ren) slot will be opened for another child.

Note: It must be understood that in order to hold your child(ren) space, full payments must be made whether your child(ren) attends or not. You cannot change your payment option unless authorized by the owner of Giselle Learning Academy. If you wish to change your payment option, please put your request in writing so that it can be processed for the next payment schedule. In order to change your payment option, you must hold a $0 balance in your account. Account in arrears may result in immediate termination of service without notice. Upon full payment enrollment may be reinstated. Online payments are monitored daily to ensure payments are being made on time.

Please Note: Regardless whether receiving CAPS or other agencies assistance, the parents or guardian is ultimately responsible to Giselle Learning Academy for all tuition.


Child care subsidy

Parents who qualify for childcare subsidy must have full approval in place before your child(ren) can be enrolled in to Giselle Learning Academy. Any fees not covered by the subsidy program are the responsibility of the parent(s) and are due according to your payment option. All other policies apply.

Note: You must have your reward letter before your child can be enrolled



Giselle Learning Academy provides transportation from local schools in our area. We will use a van/bus that is owned by Giselle Learning Academy to provide any transportation to and from local schools. A Dekalb County public school bus can also drop your child(ren) at our center. If your child is going to be picked up from school by Giselle Learning Academy van/bus, please inform the school that they  attend and fill out any necessary forms with them to make sure the school has the information in their file. You are responsible to inform our center of any changes.


Drop in care

Payments are due at the time of services. Your child(ren) cannot and will not be served at Giselle Learning Academy until all applicable fees are paid in full. It is very important that you give Giselle Learning Academy a twenty-four(24) hour notice before you bring you child(ren) to the center. This is not only for the best interest of your child(ren) but for the best interest of all children enrolled in our care. This will help to ensure that the day will run as smooth as possible for meal planning, field trips, etc.

Drop-In care is just that. The fees for drop-in care applies only for the day or days your child(ren) attend daycare. Payments of these fees does not secure a permanent part time/full time slot for your child(ren). Changing your child(ren)'s status from drop-in to a full or part time slot will require a written notice, as well as payment of all applicable fees. All other policies apply.


Late pick up policy

If your child(ren) is (are) picked up after 7:05pm, a late pickup fee of $1.00 per minute will be assessed. Late pickup fees must be paid at the time of pickup. Please be courteous and arrive on time because after hours is time with my family. Excessive lateness can result in termination of services.


Sick and Personal day

Unfortunately, from time to time teachers or the director may get sick, seven(7) sick and /or personal days have been allotted to the provider in case such events occur. Also, educational days for my continuing education classes are important order to keep the center’s license in good standings with the state. You will be given as much notice in advance as possible, in the event a class or training interrupts the regularly scheduled day. During these days, you will need to secure alternate childcare arrangements. Our director will try to schedule educational classes during times when Giselle Learning Academy is not open, such as on early morning hours, weekends and/or holidays if possible. In the event that this is not possible, you will need to make other arrangements for childcare.



As the director, I am allotted one (1) week of paid vacation per year. The dates of the vacation will be posted at least two (2) weeks in advance. Regular payment rates apply.

Child absences and vacation

If your child(ren) will be absent from daycare for any reason, please let our center know as soon as possible. This will help in our daily activities as well as meal planning for each child. There will be no discounts for absences due to illnesses, severe weather, vacations, and/or any other unforeseen events that may occur You must give a two (2) week notice of any vacation time you will be taking that requires your child(ren)'s absence. All tuition must be paid before the vacation is taken. NO EXCEPTIONS! If tuition have not been paid your child's slot will be reopened for another child.

Note: Regular tuition is to be paid before any vacation is taken, as well as, weeks with holidays, and any days Giselle Learning Academy is closed. If your child will be absent for any reason, you are still required to pay your full tuition on its due date. If not paid your child(ren)'s slot will be reopened for another child.


Termination policy

The first (1) week will be regarded as a trial period, in which case either party may terminate the contract. There will be no discounts or refunds if the contract is terminated for any reason. After the first (1) week of enrollment, a written noticed from the parent(s) or Giselle Learning Academy is required to terminate the contract, with the exception of misconduct on the part of any party. Such behavior is grounds for immediate termination of services without notice. A child's enrollment may be terminated without notice if the sole opinion of Giselle Learning Academy is in the best interest of the child, children or Giselle Learning Academy.

If your account is delinquent or in arrears, legal action may be taken and the parent(s) or guardian(s) must pay all legal fees incurred.


Medical policy

1.) Prior to enrollment, you must provide the caregiver with updated medical and immunization information for your child(ren). This information must be updated in accordance with state licensing guidelines and kept current. Please understand that without the appropriate current medical records your child(ren) cannot attend Giselle Learning Academy. If children have been exposed to any contagious diseases at the center, a letter will be sent home to all parents describing the nature of the exposure.

2.) You must promptly provide information to Giselle Learning Academy regarding any conditions, illnesses, allergies, and/or any other special needs that may require specific care and provide additional documentation, as needed. Parents will be contacted in case of minor injury that does not require immediate medical attention. In case of serious injury, parent will be contacted after the center calls 911.

3.) If Giselle Learning Academy notifies you that your child(ren) is ill, you must pick up your child(ren) as soon as possible and no later than one (1) hour after being contacted.

4.) If your child(ren) contract a reportable contagious disease, your child(ren) may only return to the center with a physician or health care provider's indicating that your child is no longer contagious.

5.) In case of a medical emergency and you cannot be reached you authorize Giselle Learning Academy to:

- Consult the physician or dentist named on the enrollment forms

- Administer first aid and/or CPR

- Transport your child via ambulance or other medical service (Dekalb Medical ) or urgent care facility, if deemed necessary by medical personnel

- Obtain any medical treatment deemed necessary by medical authorities

- Administer "Syrup of Ipecac", if directed to do so by the Poison Control Center in the case of accidental ingestion of a poisonous substance, except where prohibited by state child care licensing regulations

- Transport your child to a local emergency shelter in the event of an emergency evacuation of the Giselle Learning Academy facility.

6.) You must consult the state child care authorities to be exempt from Giselle Learning Academy medical policies. 7.) If you are not exempt, you must complete all medical authorized forms required by the state child care licensing regulations

Note: State law requires me to notify parents of children who have been exposed to contagious diseases to ensure the health of everyone. Please notify me if your child or anyone that has been in close contact with your child has become infected.



Individual state childcare licensing regulations must be followed. Any forms regarding administration of any kind of medication must be completed and signed before any medication can be given to a child. These forms must be signed by the parent or guardian. By signing such forms, you authorize the child care provider(s) of Giselle Learning Academy to administer to your child(ren) topical non-prescription medications, as needed, according to the dosage instructions on the medication container. Authorization from your child(ren)'s health care provider (i.e. pediatrician, physician), with written instructions is also required before medication can be administered at Giselle Learning Academy. You will provide Giselle Learning Academy with any medications needed for your child(ren) with his/her name on the container. In case of any noticeable adverse reaction to prescribe medication, parents will be contacted immediately.

For prescription medication, you must complete and sign any necessary forms, including an authorization form. The medication must be in its original container with the pharmacist's label. Giselle Learning Academy is not responsible for any reactions your child(ren) may have while taking any medications that you or your doctor have authorized Giselle Learning Academy to administer to your child(ren).


Emergency evacuation procedures

Giselle Learning Academy has a written procedures plan for emergencies. You may view this plan, which is posted on the information board. The children will be moved from Giselle Learning Academy facility to an authorized emergency location and you will be notified as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to know the emergency evacuation


Open door policy

Please feel free to drop on during the day for a quick visit. However, please keep in mind that we are on a daily schedule and any unannounced visits can be disruptive to the other children in our care. The open door policy is for parents or guardians only. NO EXCEPTIONS! This is solely for the safety of the child and the other children our care.


Cleanliness and safety

We take the well-being of your child(ren) very seriously and are committed to keeping our center and the children as clean as possible. Our staff thoroughly clean surfaces that children may come into contact with. Tables, chairs, toys, pads, and other items are cleaned and disinfected several times daily. All Giselle Learning Academy employees are required to wash their hands as well as the children hands throughout the day.


Child care supplies

It is the responsibility of the parents to supply the needed items for their child(ren). Two (2) changes of weather appropriate clothing, jackets, and shoes. NO flip flops please. Giselle Learning Academy does not replace clothing that has been stained.

Note: Please put your child(ren)'s name(s) on all their items, using a permanent marker.


Behavior management and discipline

We believe that the discipline of a child should be achieved through patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. We teach children to demonstrate good manners, kindness, and respect of others. We explain the rules of the center throughout the day so they will know what is expected of them daily. Inappropriate behavior such as hitting, kicking, punching, biting, spitting, aggression and/or damaging property are NOT ALLOWED and WILL NOT be tolerated. If any such behaviors are exhibited the following guidelines will be as follows:

1.) Positive reinforcement - The child will be rewarded or encouraged when he/she is showing good behavior.

2.) Redirection - The child is redirected to another activity and given the opportunity to try again at a later time.

3.) Last resort - When a child continues to upset or endanger others, a conference with the parents will be scheduled to discuss a resolution. If a resolution cannot be found, Giselle Learning Academy will have no choice but to terminate services for your child(ren).

Note: When picking up and dropping off your child(ren) please be in control of him/her. We will also remind them of the rules of the center/home and will redirect them if need be.


What is expected of your child

  1. All food must be kept in the eating area.
  2. No playing in the bathrooms.
  3. No coloring on any property.
  4. No name calling, foul language, or yelling.
  5. No hitting, kicking, pushing, punching, pinching, biting, spitting, etc.. (NO FIGHTING!)
  6. No picking horseplay.
  7. Take turns and share.
  8. Help clean up work and play area.
  9. Respect others and their property.
  10. Listen and follow directions.
  11. Be honest.
  12. Do your very best


Meals and snacks

Giselle Learning Academy participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), a federal program that provides healthy meals and snacks to children receiving child care services. No outside food should be brought into the center. Giselle Learning Academy provides an afternoon snack or dinner. Children are offered food but are not forced to eat. Children who choose not to eat will not be served again until the next meal time. To assist us in qualifying for reimbursement, each child must have completed a child income eligibility statement on file. Parent completing this form will help us keep our prices low and provide a balanced nutritious meal in compliance to the USDA guidelines. Weekly menus are posted on the bulletin board in the main vestibule and each classroom.

Note: Children cannot bring food from home. Make sure your child(ren) finish eating prior to coming into the daycare. No food and/or drinks of any kind are allowed from home, unless authorized by the provider for special occasions only. This includes gum and/or candy.


Special diet

Please inform Giselle Learning Academy of any particular dietary needs and/or allergies, etc. Please supply a doctor's note stating the need and allergies and the preferred substitute. At that time it will be determined if your child can participate in the food program. Most foods can be substituted; however, if a viable solution in line with the food program rules and regulations cannot be reached, then all meals for the child must be provided by you the parent(s).




The goals of our curriculum are multi-faceted. Our goals encourage children to be enthusiastic, self-confident, independent learners and we believe that play is the primary mode of learning. Our curriculum also respects individual learning styles and ever-changing interests. Through our curriculum we promote growth in all areas of development including:

Social: to help students learn from adults and one another by observation, imitation, and interaction.

Emotional: to provide a safe and secure environment where children can develop pride, self-confidence, independence, self-control, and a positive attitude toward life.

Cognitive: to promote curiosity and to help children acquire learning skills, such as the abilities to solve problems, make choices, ask questions, and express their ideas, observations, and feelings.

Physical: to help children develop and enhance their small and large muscle skills and feel confident and comfortable with their own physical abilities.

Our curriculum goals are achieved through integrated, theme-based activities and conversations with adults and children. Opportunities exist within the classroom for the child to engage in one-on-one activities with the teacher, small group and large group activities, solitary and independent play allowing for opportunities to experiment and explore. Whole group activities are for short periods of time and are suited to the age and ability of the children. Supervised free play and small groups predominate as a means of encouraging educational interaction.


All toys belonging to Giselle learning Academy, are age appropriate. Please do not bring any toys to the center except on designated days. Giselle Learning Academy is not responsible for any lost, stolen, and/or broken toys.



If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to communicate your concerns to the provider. Giselle Learning Academy will also communicate with you the parent(s) by phone, email, and/or by other means available. Notes will be sent home to let you know what happened during your child's day. This will allow you to also ask any questions you may have. It is very important to keep an open line of communication to ensure your child(ren) receive the best care possible.


Child Abuse Reporting

As a child care provider, we are required by law that we are mandated reporters if we suspect any abuse. Also if you suspect any other child in the program to be the victim of abuse you must report to the program Director.



Referrals from parents are one of the most rewarding compliments I can receive. As a special thank you I offer parents a special discount on their weekly tuition for each referral that has successfully enrolled in my program. Your discount will be credited to your weekly tuition after the referred child(ren) has attended our center for a full three (3) weeks without any misconduct on the part of the child(ren) and/or parent(s). If at the time of the referral our center is full your child(ren) will be placed on our waiting list. If a slot becomes available and the referred family takes it then the referee will be given the discount. If your child no longer attends Giselle Learning Academy you will be eligible to win a drawing to receive a monetary/gift card prize. Families will be called in the order they were place on the waiting list.


Other Terms

  1. Field trips may be taken at an additional cost to you the parent(s). Written permission must be given before a child can participate in any field trips.
  2. Your child(ren) may be included in classroom evaluations conducted by Bright From the Start and/or CACFP program, or parents who are using their right to my open door policy.
  3. Your child(ren) may be included in pictures connected with our program, unless otherwise, specified by you the parent(s) not too.
  4. You must notify Giselle Learning Academy of any changes in the information you have provided.